Foot and ankle care in the Capital region

Comprehensive surgical and non-surgical foot and ankle care

At OrthoNY, we are committed to providing exceptional quality, comprehensive and compassionate care for patients with conditions affecting the foot and ankle. As the premier provider of bone and joint health in the Albany and Saratoga regions, OrthoNY delivers state-of-the-art treatment with a focus on preserving and improving patient lifestyles.

At OrthoNY, we care about your foot and ankle health

We understand the debilitating effects that conditions affecting the foot and ankle can present to our patients. Our orthopaedic specialists who specialize in foot and ankle are ready to help by providing:

Our highly skilled orthopaedic specialists, surgeons and pain management specialists use the latest in minimally invasive and conventional surgical procedures together with non-surgical intervention. Doing this helps to provide the best outcomes possible and ensure a rapid return to a normal and rewarding lifestyle.

Treating the whole patient

As a leading whole orthopaedic care provider, OrthoNY foot and ankle specialists consider each patient unique and work with them to understand their special needs and concerns. We treat the whole patient by getting to know them as we gather insights and information to help us select an appropriate course of treatment.

Irrespective of whether or not treatment requires surgery, as a comprehensive orthopaedic care provider, we work together as a team to address all patient needs. This team approach enables us to discuss, assess, diagnose and treat foot and ankle conditions with confidence and care.

Patient Education

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons’ (AAOS) website contains a vast amount of information relating to foot and ankle treatment. We have highlighted the relevant links below, or you can click the button here and go directly to the site.

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The comprehensive foot and ankle procedures provided by our foot and ankle specialists and surgeons include comprehensive state of the art reconstruction of congenital and acquired leg, ankle, and foot deformities plus the following:

Nonsurgical Treatment

Diabetic foot care

Treatment for sprains, strains and tendonitis

Stress fracture care

Bone spur treatment

Osteroarthritis steroid injections, pain medication, hyaluronan injections

Physical therapy or occupational therapy

Surgical Treatment

Arthroscopy or joint replacement of the ankle

Arthrodesis or Fusion

Hammer toe and spur correction

Ligament and tendon repair and reconstruction

Bunion surgery

Ankle and foot fracture repairs

Congenital deformity corrections

Disease deformity corrections

Limb sparing surgery

Osteoarthritis joint replacement surgery