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Our Team

Orthopaedic Specialists - Albany and Saratoga, NY

J David Abraham, MD - Albany, NY - Sports Medicine

James D. Alfandre, MD - Clifton Park, NY - Sports Medicine

Farrukh Ansari, MD - Farrukh Ansari, MD | OrthoNY

Eric R. Aronowitz, MD - Schenectady, NY - Knee Surgery

James M. Boler, MD - Schenectady, NY - Hand and Wrist Surgery

Daniel J. Bowman, MD - Clifton Park, NY - Total Joint Replacement

Charles J. Buttaci, DO - Albany, NY - Spine Specialist

Sean Ceci, PA-C

Frank Congiusta, MD - Albany, NY - Hip/Knee Replacement

Christopher D. DeCamp, MD - Latham, NY - Orthopaedic Care

Samuel G. Dellenbaugh, MD - Delmar, NY - Foot/Ankle Surgery

David J. Dixon, MD - East Greenbush, NY - Sports Medicine

Daniel Donovan, MD - Orthopedic Surgeon in Albany, NY | Orthopedic Specialist

Lawrence H. Fein, MD - Saratoga, NY - Sports Medicine

Justin M. Ferrara, MD - Glens Falls --- Hand/Wrist Surgery

Frederick J. Fletcher, MD - Clifton Park, NY - Hip/Knee Replacement

Kyle R. Flik, MD - Latham, NY - Sports Medicine

Jonathan P. Gainor, MD - Saratoga, NY - Knee/Hip Surgery

Leonard E. Goldstock, MD - Albany, NY - Shoulder Surgery

Thomas Jackson, MD - Amsterdam Gloversville NY - Spine/Back Surgery

Lee A. Kaback, MD - Clifton Park, NY - Shoulder/Elbow Surgery

Richard L. Katz, MD - Latham, NY - Hip & Knee Replacements

John H. Kavanaugh, MD - East Greenbush, NY - Hip & Knee Replacements

Joseph M. LaRosa, MD - Malta, NY - Sports Medicine

William H. Montgomery, MD - Albany, NY - Sports Medicine

William W. O'Connor, MD - Glens Falls, NY - Orthopaedic Surgeon

Amar Parikh, MD - Albany, NY - Spine/Back Surgery

Daniil Polishchuk, MD - Schenectady, NY - Hip/Knee Replacements

Ralph Quade, MD - Latham, NY - Hip/Knee Replacements

Luke V. Rigolosi, MD - Albany, NY - Spine/Back Surgery

Kevin E. Rosas, MD - Glens Falls, NY - Foot/Ankle Surgery

Joshua Ross, MD

Aruna Sahoo, MD - Dr. Aruna Sahoo | OrthoNY | Pain Management

Laura W. Scordino, MD

George E. Silver, Jr., MD - Saratoga, NY - Knee Replacements

W James Smith, MD - Clifton Park, NY - Hand/Wrist Surgery

Tory Speert, DO - Pain Management | Sports Medicine | OrthoNY

Matthew I. Stein, MD - Glens Falls, NY - Sports Medicine

Adam G. Suslak, MD - East Greenbush, NY - Sports Medicine

John T. Whalen, MD - East Greenbush, NY - Spine/Back Surgery

Gary A. Williams, MD - Schenectady, NY - Hip/Knee Surgery

Rory D. Wood, MD - Clifton Park, NY - Hip/Knee Replacement

Theresa Ayala, NP - Theresa Ayala | Albany, NY | Pain Management

Chelsea Blaney, PA-C - Chelsea Blaney | Albany NY | Hip & Knee Replacement

Kenny Cook, PA-C - Kenny Cook | PA | OrthoNY

Rich Dalaba, PA-C

Alyssa Greer, PA-C

Joseph Isgro, PA-C - Orthopedic Physician Assistant | Clifton Park, NY

Kristin Kandiel, PA-C

Megan Killeen, PA-C, ATC - Megan Killeen, PA-C, ATC

Gregory Leder, PA-C

Melissa Manus, PA-C

Cody Misener, PA-C

Elise Moinzadeh, PA-C - Orthopedic PA | Saratoga , NY

Meredyth Monahan, PA-C

Ashley Moore, PA-C

Justina Mueller, PA-C - Ortho Physician Assistant | Albany, NY

Allison T. Schoonmaker, PA-C

Steve Skibinski, PA-C

Christopher Szczesniak, PA-C

Leann Thrane, PA-C

Pavel Voronko, PA-C - Pavel Voronko | PA | OrthoNY

Chris Wasacz, PA-C

Erin Baker, MPT, Physical Therapy Manager

Tara Bess, PTA - Tara Bess, PTA

Kim Castellanos, PT, Cert. MDT

Peter Conboy, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS - PT Doctor in Albany, NY | Physical Therapy Specialist

Tiffanie Craven, PTA

Ariel DuBois, PT, DPT - Ariel DuBois, PT, DPT

Nate Fiedler, PT, DPT, Cert MDT - Certified Physical Therapist in Albany, NY | PT Doctor

Chris Holley, MSPT

Sue McBride, DPT

Jessica Nutter, PT, DPT - Physical Therapist in Albany, NY | PT Doctor

Mikaela Ross, PT, DPT - Mikaela Ross, PT, DPT | Physical Therapist at OrthoNY

Cindy Sheffield, PT, DPT

Evan Wenzler, MSPT

Nancy Wilgocki, PTA - Nancy Wilgocki, PTA | Niskayuna, NY - Physical Care

Michele Brinkman, COO - Michele Brinkman | COO | OrthoNY

Julie Shaw, CEO - Julie Shaw | CEO | OrthoNY

Office Locations

Orthopaedic Locations

Albany - Orthpaedic Surgery | Sports Medicine | Joint Specialist

Clifton Park - Orthopaedic Surgeon | Back Surgery

Delmar - Orthopaedic Surgery | Joint Specialist | Back Pain

East Greenbush

Latham - Orthopaedic Care | Joint Pain

Malta, Route 9

Pain Management, Albany

Pain Management, Malta - Pain Specialists in Mechanicville, NY

Pain Management, Schenectady - Pain Specialists in Schenectady, NY

Saratoga - Shoulder Pain | Hand & Wrist | Foot & Knee

Schenectady - Joint Specialist | Orthopaedic Surgeon | Back Pain

Physical Therapy at Niskayuna - Physical Therapy Rehabilitation | OrthoNY | Schenectady NY

Physical Therapy at Halfmoon - Physical Therapy Rehabilitation | OrthoNY | Clifton Park NY

Physical Therapy at Albany - Rehabilitation in Albany, NY | Physical Therapy Specialists

Your Treatment

Orthopaedic Specialties and Services at OrthoNY

Back Pain Management & Surgery in Albany NY | OrthoNY

Shoulder & Elbow Surgery – Albany, NY - Rotator Cuff Repair

Hand & Wrist Specialist | Albany, NY | Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Hip Pain Treatment Specialist - Albany, NY - Hip Replacement

Hip Replacement Procedures in New York | OrthoNY

Knee Specialist - Albany, NY - Knee Replacement, Arthroscopy

Foot & Ankle Specialist - Albany, NY - Bunion Surgery, Ligament Repair

Sports Medicine - Sprain Injury, MRI, Fracture, Orthopaedics

Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Services in New York | OrthoNY

ACL Injury Repair in New York | OrthoNY

General Orthopaedics | OrthoNY Surgeon in Albany & Capital Region

Arthroscopy | Albany Surgeon | Minimally Invasive Orthopaedic Surgery

Urgent Care in the Capital Region | Albany | OrthoNY

MRI Diagnostic Imaging - Albany Saratoga Springs NY Orthopaedics

Electromyography | Albany, NY| Muscle Disease, Neurological Disorders

Outpatient Orthopaedic Surgery Center - Albany, NY, Saratoga Surgeon Specialist

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