What Are The Benefits Of An Outpatient Hip Replacement?

If your hip pain is holding you back from doing the activities you love, a hip replacement may be recommended. The hip specialists of OrthoNY are highly experienced in hip replacement surgery, including outpatient hip replacements for those who are candidates for the procedure.

Here’s what you should know about the benefits of outpatient hip replacement surgery.

Hip Replacements For Younger Patients

In the past, it was typically seniors who took advantage of hip replacement surgery, especially those who were less active. Older patients lived with hip pain and its effect on their lifestyle for years, as they usually waited to proceed with surgery until the pain would not allow them to do normal activities.

Senior woman and man having a walk along a field holding hands

With today’s improved surgical techniques, younger patients are deciding not to wait until the pain interferes with everything they do. While there are still many seniors who opt for hip replacement, those who are in their 40s and 50s are choosing to undergo replacement surgery before the pain gets worse to maintain their lifestyle.

Why Outpatient Hip Replacement Surgery Now?

There have been improved techniques making this surgery less invasive than in the past. Additional benefits include the following:

    • Patients recover faster
    • Earlier mobilization reduces the risk of blood clots
    • Lower risk of infection without a hospital stay
    • Patients recover in their own home in their own bed
    • The surgery may cost less

Best Candidates For Outpatient Hip Replacement Surgery

Not everyone qualifies for this type of surgery. First and foremost, a patient must want to have their surgery performed as an outpatient.

Patients must meet certain standards and be carefully selected by OrthoNY. They must be in generally good health, be strong, maintain a healthy weight, have sufficient upper body strength to function independently, and have someone to care for them at home. The home set up should be laid out to make it easy to move about during recovery.

In addition, the patient and their home helper must be well educated for what to expect at home.

Unfortunately Medicare will not approve this type of surgery, but other insurance carriers do.

Don’t wait until your hip pain reaches a point where you refrain from doing what you love. In most cases, it doesn’t pay to wait. 

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