Your treatment at OrthoNY

At OrthoNY, we specialize in the evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of orthopaedic related conditions as well as sports and work related injuries. Our primary concern is to return patients to daily activities as soon as safely possible. It is also our goal to teach each patient how and why they were injured, and to prevent the injury from reoccurring.

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Orthopaedic Specialties

spine and backSpine and Back Care

From disc herniation to general back pain management, our spine specialists are trained in both surgical and non-surgical treatment of spine conditions.

Hip Treatment

Hip surgery typically is centered around total hip replacement. But we also specialize in non-surgical hip conditioning programs. 


shoulder and elbowShoulder and Elbow Care

The shoulder is one of the most vulnerable joints, with issues including from frozen shoulder, impingement, and tears.

Knee Care

We specialize in total knee replacement, fracture repairs, implants, knee conditioning, and more.


Hand and Wrist Treatments

We help treat injuries such as fractures and sprains, as well as long term conditions such as carpal tunnel, arthritis, and tendon issues.

Foot and Ankle Treatments

The bulk of foot and ankle treatments revolve around fractures and sprains, but we also treat other conditions like hammer toe or bunions. 

Other Orthopaedic Services

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