Frequent Causes of Hip Pain and How OrthoNY Can Help

Feb 07, 2020

The hip joint is the largest joint in our bodies, and as we age, there are a number of conditions that can lead to hip pain and a reduced range of motion. If you are suffering with minor or long term hip pain, consider the frequent causes of hip pain and how OrthoNY can help.

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Educational Seminar: Advantages of Anterior Hip Replacement

Jan 22, 2020
At OrthoNY, we understand the debilitating effects hip pain and conditions can present, which is why Saratoga Hospital and OrthoNY invite you to a free discussion to learn more about the advantages of anterior hip replacement.

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8 Ways to Easily Treat and Prevent Wrist Pain

Jan 07, 2020

Different components of the body are constantly working together in perfect tandem, and if one area is stressed, it can cause a chain reaction of stress and discomfort. To prove our point, let’s look at 8 ways to easily treat and prevent wrist pain.

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Important Notice: New Electronic Health Record System

Dec 06, 2019

Beginning in October, OrthoNY will be implementing a new Electronic Health Record (EHR) system throughout our organization. 

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Scoliosis Facts for All Parents to Know

Dec 05, 2019

Three million adolescents are diagnosed with scoliosis each year. Although this condition can affect a person at any age, young adults are among the most frequently diagnosed. If you have a child approaching adolescence, note these important scoliosis facts so that you can recognize the signs as quickly as possible.

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Painful Conditions That Can Occur Days After a Car Crash

Nov 07, 2019

You’ve just been in a car crash and your adrenaline is pumping. You don’t feel any real pain at the moment, don’t think any bones are broken, and you feel lucky to have escaped any serious injuries, so you head home. In a few days though, you begin to notice pain and some strange stiffness in parts of your body.

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Educational Seminar: Shoulder Replacements

Oct 11, 2019
At OrthoNY, we understand the conditions affecting the shoulder can present to our patients, which is why Saratoga Hospital and OrthoNY invite you to a free discussion to learn more about shoulder replacements and recovery. 

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Preventing Hand Pain Caused By Your Smartphone

Oct 10, 2019

If you experience tingling, pain, stiffness, and cramping in your hand from using your smartphone, we could suggest you stop using it for about a month. That advice would most likely help, but we can hear you laughing now since we all know that isn’t remotely in the realm of possibilities.

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Educational Seminar: Hand & Wrist Pain

Oct 03, 2019
At OrthoNY, we understand the debilitating effects hand and wrist conditions can present, which is why Ellis Medicine and OrthoNY invite you to a free discussion to learn more about hand and wrist pain. 

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5 Common Mistakes Patients Make When Getting a Knee Replacement

Sep 17, 2019

Knee replacement surgeries are a safe and effective way to help patients improve mobility, have less pain, and resume normal activities. In fact, many patients often wonder why they waited so long to finally address their pain.

On the other hand, there are those who are less than satisfied with their decision, and here are some of the biggest mistakes that led them to that unfortunate result.

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